Newspapers, books and magazines
  • Sheet and web offset printing of newspapers, magazines (brochures) in different sizes and commercial production.

  • Full-color offset and flexographic printing of packaging and labels on film substrates, paper and cardboard.

    Printing and production of paper bags.



  • Production of passports, military IDs, diplomas, certificates, stamps, lottery tickets etc.


Printing on the fabric
  • Print the state symbols of the Republic of Belarus, corporate and sports flags, banners and large format banners.

Catalogue to product
  • Making paper products: calendars, diaries, notebooks, notepads, notebooks, cards, posters.

6 December
Belarusian Printing House – 100 years in the market of printing services!

For 100 years now, Belarusian Printing House has justified confidence of its partners, adhering to the following eternal principle: to work in a fast, affordable and professional manner.